Mariusz Stępnik

Beauty ... what is its definition, or how many of these definitions are there? Art…? It is amazing how communing with art, with visible beauty can just enrich, show a different dimension of existence, raise our lives to a different level. Perceiving beauty in time ... my best example is classical music… we often do not notice it when we are young, and after many years we fall in love with rhythm, harmony, sounds and all subtleties. Timeless values versus art and beauty ... Usually, for the righteous and sensitive people, the most important are: love, honesty, respect ... yes, for me also and I agree with those who say that you need to add one value more - beauty. If we realize how many things are permanently fleeting, we have the quintessence of a unique and absolutely impossible to estimate the beauty expressed in art ...
I strongly believe that everything in our life is given intentionally, and we simply have to be mature enough to perceive something more. Today, I am fascinated by the combination of the highest quality art of jeweler's and handicraft with unique masterpieces of world literature. I was enchanted with the possibility of extending the duration of life of real unique books, world literature heritage, created thanks to the latest technologies as the scientific copies, and provided with artistic, beautiful, handmade binding. This fascination and possibilities of activity on this field appeared only now, when I am a mature man. That was supposed to be, because being able to stay among such works, masterpieces, among history and beauty is the privilege of a mature man.

What helped me? Definitely the fact that I am an Entrepreneur and an investor. In 2006, having a lot of experience in trading and managing people, I created the TRADE MARK CENTER GROUP. During the years of dynamic development, in the years 2008-2010 I managed an organization of 300 people. TMCG specializes mainly in wholesale large-scale wholesale and service of many domestic and foreign companies today, and I can pursue my fascinations and invest in art and beauty.

I am also a trainer and coach - it is an earlier realization of needs to support and use knowledge and potential for others. For years I have worked with the Polish branch of one of the largest training organizations in the world - BTI Brian Tracy International Sp. z o.o. I worked in Warsaw as a trainer, assessor, consultant and expert. I am a Consultant – I am supporting companies and organizations in the area of development of products and services in Eastern Europe. I am leading motivational speeches for sales teams. I am creating loyalty programs for producers and store chains using innovative ideas and tools. I specialize in serving strategic clients, in building and managing sales teams.

I am also the Ambassador of the MANUSCRIPTUM Publishing House. I am an ambassador because of absolute fascination, enchantment and my own choice. I am inviting you to the world of amazing books with fascinating history. Today My energy and activities are focused on building public awareness, organizing vernissages, exhibitions and inspiring an interesting project today. On the other hand it is also in a sense a global trend (interestingly - also investment) that has reached Poland. It is a world of books that are scientific, ideal copies (usually in artistic jewelry) of Polish literature treasures, as well as world history and culture. Interestingly, this is convergent with the collector's tendency based on patriotic awareness to collect such works that resemble where we are from, show where pride and national identity are born. Works that will survive and will be a testimony for future generations.


After achieving my goals and market position by my company, I decided to go further. As a mature, conscious, and at the same time sensitive to beauty, I decided to open a completely new part of my life. I turned my attention to the art market, to timeless masterpieces being at the same time an unique cultural heritage of the world.

Here, with pride and joy, I am presenting the new brand and the new educational and business project created to promote and make available unique, beautiful and valuable masterpieces.

STEPNIK LUXURY is an opportunity and an invitation not only for enthusiasts of history, culture and art, not only for people for whom the greatest, everlasting values is the achievements of past generations (especially in the form of the most valuable monuments of world literature). It is also an invitation for everyone who like me, will be fascinated by such unbelievable works, masterpieces, their beauty and history. On the other hand, it is certainly an invitation for people who are unique, conscious, sensitive, guided by values, for people who want to find and build maybe their own stories for themselves and for the next generations.

To be among such masterpieces - here is the privilege of a mature man!

Official Strategic Partner of the Manuscriptum Publishing House.