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Special edition prepared for the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the miraculous painting of Our Lady of Czestochowa. Unusual prayer book, precious family souvenir for generations, in jewellery binding.

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"Prayerbook of the Millennium" is modelled on one of the oldest preserved illuminated liturgical manuscripts that appeared on Polish lands, that is simply one of the first Polish books, the "Tyniec Sacramentary". It was named after the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, where it was kept. It can be said that this is the oldest prayer book associated with the Polish nation.

It was created in the years around 1060-1070. (i.e. only 100 years after Poland was baptised). It contained prayers for the priest celebrating the Holy Mass and the oldest musical notation in Poland in a cheironomical form - these are signs of sounds placed above the text without lines.

The incredible form of the manuscript testifies to its belonging to the so-called royal manuscripts. It performed not only a liturgical function, but were also an expression of the richness of the monarchy. The sacramentary is connected with the figure of King Boleslaw the Brave or Casimir the Restorer.

The manuscript of the "Tyniec Sacramentary" is decorated with borders, i.e. the decorative frames of cards. They form rectangular frames filled with leaf and palmetal motifs, supplemented with braid, as well as several smaller initials filled with gold or silver braid with floral motifs.


The artistic form of the book and the composition of figural miniatures have been recreated in the "Prayer of the Millennium" with attention to the smallest details. This is an extraordinary part of history, set in contemporary frames.

The PRAYER BOOK OF THE MILLENIUM, like the Golden Papal Bible, has a handmade jewellery binding. On the obverse there is the most venerable and recognizable symbol of Christianity in Poland, a miraculous painting of Our Lady of Czestochowa, inlaid with 24-carat gold and decorated with 63 jewellery stones. The binding contains: 8 turquoise, 15 malachite and 40 Swarovski crystals set in the crown of the Queen of Poland. The prayer book Inside - a luxurious paper, so far produced in a traditional way, coming from one of the oldest "Fabriano" paper mill in the world, which is still in operation today (foundation year 1264).

As in the original Sacramentary, the paper allows the illumination / signs to be visible on the other side. In the PRAYER BOOK OF THE MILLENIUM there ais a full-page miniature of Maiestas Domini with a representation of Christ's sitting on the arch of rainbow, whose figure is flanked by two six-wing seraphim. In the corners four Living Beings are shown: man, eagle, lion and ox - in accordance with the tradition symbolizing the evangelists: Matthew, John, Mark and Luke. Christ, whose head is surrounded by a cross nimbus, raises one hand in a gesture of allocation, and holds an open book with the words "REX REGU[M] ET D[OMI]N[U]S DOMINANTIU[M]" in the other hand - from the Apocalypse with the title "King over kings and Lord over lords".


The Prayer Book of the Millenium is an essential tool for every Catholic. It contains not only prayers and songs, but also fragments of the catechism, so that we can use it also during celebrations.

Prayer Book of the Millenium was emitted in 1717 copies to commemorate the solemn coronation of the image of the Mother of God in Częstochowa.

The Tysiąclecia prayer book is stored in a special purple velvet cover. Cotton gloves are also included to facilitate safe handling of the prayer book and its golden cards. Thanks to the Certificate of Authenticity, confirmed by the handwritten signature of the Board of the Publishing House, the Prayer Book of the Millenium can also be a unique gift and an extraordinary souvenir for generations.

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